2014 Submissions!


Hai! Lady Fest is still in motion and looking for more of YOU to help organize, but most importantly to submit your creative forms of resistance and story telling. Submissions will close at the end of June. Help spread word to your homies! Submitting is really basic, well just two steps. Copy and paste our submission interests here: http://bayarealadyfest.wordpress.com/artistperformer-submission-guidelines/ and email them to us here: bayarealadyfest@gmail.com  !!! Let the convergence leak glitter infections into the salted wounds.

Ps wanna jam out for a bit? listen to OBEDIENCIA – En el Cilindro and RÄTTENS KRATER – The Great Rat King, woohoo!



Lady Fest is coming along and it’s so exciting to new faces every time! If you weren’t able to make it to the last meeting, no big deal! Here are some things we went over in the meeting, and if you would like to be added to the listserv to have some input via email, feel free to email bayarealadyfest@gmail.com and you can contact with the organizers there!

Meeting took place at 6pm at the MOCO Gallery in Oakland.

Lady Fest Schedule
Oct 9th – Films
Oct 10th – SF show
Oct 11th – Oakland workshops & show
Oct 12th – Oakland brunch potluck decompression

We have some great potential beneficiaries for this year, and we are coming up with four for the public to choose which two we’ll be raising the funds for! Just researching a little more before we choose the four.

We are looking for folks with artist skills to make art for fliers! If you would like to submit your work, please do so though email !

We would like LadyFest to have more youth inclusion this year, and we thinking of youth centers, etc. to contact.

Raffles are great ways to raise funds and give gifts! We are collecting donated items for the raffle prizes, and making some ourselves!
Anything from certificates, crafts, nonperishable foods, books, etc.


Bay Area Lady Fest 2014 is taking submissions up ’til June 30th!



Want to get involved???

Bay Area Ladyfest will be a celebration of music, film, performance and art from womyn, trans and gender non-conforming artists from the Bay Area and beyond; as well as a positive space for discussion, investigation, education and fun! We hope to make it a thought provoking experience that will encourage people to question beliefs about gender, feminism and sexuality.

If you would like to present a workshop, perform at Ladyfest, show your artwork/film, or be a vendor, please click the submissions link above for more information!

Please keep in mind that this festival is a celebration of all things fabulously femme, trans, womyn, and gender non-conforming. Preference will be given to groups or art that is reflective of this.