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Count down begins! We’re about a month away!

It’s crunch time and us few organizers are feeling it. Our yard sale was really fun. We came together with some random goods and Maria played some sweet jams on her ukulele 🙂 We made about 75$ yayyyy Currently in the process of finalizing this years schedule. What’s that? You want a sneak peak of our venues and performers?! Fine. I’ll let you in a bit.

Thurs at Oddball Cinema in SF we’ll have some films for you.
Friday SF night show will be held at The Honey Hive with Beast Nest, Wizard Apprentice, Them Are Us Too…. and the rest will be dropped soon.
Saturday Oakland night show will be at Trees in West Oakland. Headlining is Skip the Needle! With This or That, Sorry not sorry,,,,, and TBA!
Sunday is a chill day in Oakland. Waiting for confirmation but we will hopefully be screening queer porn submissions at a glass dildo workshop space.

I am very eggsited!

THIS IS A SHOUT OUT FOR VOLUNTEERS! Email us at: and also a shout out for donations for our RAFFLE!! Also, we would like to feed ppl at some of these events. If you have connections to a rad kitchen or love to cook also email us!

We can make this year really fun but we need a collective voice//agency. Hit us up!

Upcoming show a few of us will be at, come kick it! Didisdead, no business, peace creep, and birthday girl @ the nightlight in oak @ 311 Broadway st. 8pm Sept. 12th.LFgenflyer

SF Yard Sale benefit for lady fest and El/La Para Translatinas

lfyardsale0____o Hellllo. This is happening tmrw in SF! Come thru to hang out// buy stuff// donate stuff// collab// throw shade at pigs that drive by ultimately lets just kick it and maybe get nastyy. This is a sidewalk yardsale. I’ll bring a boom box so if ya have sum nasty jamz//tapes//playlists lets show and tell.