Welcome to Bay Area Ladyfest 2012!!

Thank you for checking out our website. Things are just getting rolling in the planning stages, but we would love for YOU to be involved!!

Ladyfest is a super rad celebration to empower womyn, in all our shapes, colors, sizes, presentations and permutations! It is a celebration of the arts, of community and of sharing. It is films, workshops, music, teaching, food, dancing, and so much more.

Do you want to be involved?? Our next meeting is:

Monday, April 9th at 7pm
3265 17th St, SF
near the 16th st. Bart.

Our meetings are currently open to all womyn, trans and queer folk. We realize that there are some rad allies out there that this excludes, but don’t worry! Just give us some time to get on our feet and then we’ll be opening up our doors to all. Thanks for the patience, love, and support.

Check back here regularly for updates and meeting info.

LADYFEST 2012….patriarchy is so 2011!

Artwork by the amazing Cristy C. Road!


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