Join LadyFest Collective organizing!

Hello wonderful people,

Those of you who are bummed about missing the last collective meeting, yerr in luck! its still not late to become part of the organizing of Bay Area LadyFest! Our up coming meeting will be June 26th at 7pm address 949 26th st Oakland CA near the 12th st bart. It will be potluck style so bring yerr hungry tummys and food to share(if you can, of course its not required 🙂 ) ALL of our meetings are VERY childfriendly so we strongly encourage all families that would like to be involved to COME! hope to see new and old faces there!<3

creating safer spaces for everyone is very important to us so currently our meetings are only open to transgender, queer & womyn follks.


3 thoughts on “Join LadyFest Collective organizing!

  1. Francis

    hey! i’m wondering about your next meeting. I think i saw that it’s this coming tuesday?


    1. bayarealadyfest Post author

      Hey Francis! We’d love to have you join us for a meeting! Are you following us on Facebook? That’s a good way to get information fast about what’s happening. thanks!


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