All events: 0-$20 sliding scale

All proceeds to benefit A Safe Place (Oakland) and St. James Infirmary (SF).
Be generous! xo

<><>THURSDAY 12TH<><>
Start off LadyFest with a night of films!!

Oddball Cinema
275 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA
DETAILS to come

<><>FRIDAY 13TH<><>

It’s Friday the 13th and Ladyfest is gettin’ its freak on! This is the first music show of the festival and we’re kicking things off with a few bangs, a few whimpers, some melodious harmonies, soul, and a lot quirky queerness. Let’s get this party started!

355 12TH ST. @ Webster St.


Pitta of the Mind- The duo of Amar Chaudhary and Maw Shein Win, bring to you their interplanetary blend of music, poetry, costumes, and obsession with cats and colors. https://vimeo.com/64205364

Beast Nest- Multimedia performance

Thunder Thighs

Rainbow Noir- noise punk with a gay agenda

Annah Anti-Palindrome- Optical Sound-Smith, writer, and Queer/Femme antagonist

Ruby Mountain- radical queer awesomeness http://soundcloud.com/rubymountain/spacecrafts

Lizzie Karr Band- Lady Soul Luvvv

<><>SATURDAY 14TH<><>

*FEST-O-RAMA: Workshops/Music/Vendors/Daytime Awesomeness* 

Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon not your thing? Then explore our vendors (details below- check out the zine table for teens! and skateboarding for girls!) or listen to poetry, live music, or just chill and make some new friends. It’s Saturday! Let’s get our Ladyfest on! This event from noon-5 pm in Oakland is gonna be a freakin’ fun fest for young and old alike. We’ve got AMAZING workshops going on (details below).  At Ladyfest there is something for everyone.

The Humanist Hall
390  27th Street,  Oakland,  CA
Doors @ 11am

Check this out:

12-1:15 KIDS LIBERATION WORKSHOP: Strategies for allies and caretakers- This roundtable discussion will explore the ways we can parent in feminist, sex-positive, anti-authoritarian ways. How do we talk with kids about race, class, gender, ability, age, consent, capitalist consumer culture? How do we model critical thinking, resistance to gendered parent roles and traditional family structures? How do strategies of liberation look different with babies, young children, and teens? And how can childfree people be effective allies to parents and caretakers?

1:15-1:25 Poetry reading by Phoenix. A piece commissioned for the 2012 SF Walk Against Rape.

1:25-1:45 Brinicle: Icy Finger of Death- Solo, experimental ambient viola performance.

1:45-3 LADY SHRED SESSION by SF Skate Like a Girl: Skate Like a Girl SF is an all volunteer run organization that aims to empower girls and women through skateboarding. We are all-inclusive, all ages and abilities community. We seek to combat social injustice and oppression through connecting with each other, the communities we live in, and the world at large! Throughout the year we host monthly skate dates, free skateboard clinics, participate in community events (ex:Walk Against Rape SF), and participate in skate events local and beyond. In opposition to the male-dominated culture of skateboarding, our goal is create a supportive and inclusive environment where participants feel comfortable to try something new, meet friends and join a community of like-minded skaters.

3-3:30 Dorian Finch: Synth/Dream/Folk music

3:30-4:45 WOMEN AND CYCLING by Grease Mamas: Grease Mamas is a safe space workshop for women, womyn and womyn identified persons to come learn about bikes. The workshop covers topics surrounding how and where to lock your bike, laws, how to ride comfortably (bike fitting, clothes), issues women can face while cycling and basic mechanics. Binx Garage holds monthly mechanics and informational workshops at Spokeland Bike Co-Op, has participated in Bici Bici Bike Collective Conference with the Women of Color and Families in Cycling workshop and is holding a Grease Mamas workshop at Oaklavia.


Southpaw Polymer

Brilliant Bedazzles

Moco Gallery

Fustercluck Zine

How Are Your Insides? (feminist, self-care, & poetry zines)

Zines for Teens by the Oakland Public Libary 0-$20 sliding scale.


371 17th St, Oakland, CA
(between Webster St & Franklin St)

*ElectroGrrr! UpDaFemmePunx! QuEeRiOt! *

Leave the flipflops at home ’cause the Saturday night of Ladyfest is gonna be thrashin. PUNK NOIZE SPAZ HARDCORE GOTH. It’s on.

Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut
671 24th St. Oakland, CA


Stage 1 (entry room)

Nihilist Cunt https://www.facebook.com/NihilistKuntRules?ref=hl

San Cha featuring Daddies Plastik http://elsancha.bandcamp.com/

New Happiness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCj_z8s55do

Stage 2 (bar room)

BOUMMERR https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=FLYve8Sx83GOjmCKgt1ajUiQ&feature=player_detailpage&v=VDrJ7oFxwoA 

Rosanonymous https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=134024730119428

DetachDolls www.detachdolls.bandcamp.com 

Moira Scar http://moirascar.blogspot.com/

<><>SUNDAY 15TH<><>

Come out to San Francisco!

Workshops at Modern Times Books
2919 24th St., SF, CA

and Adobe Books
3130 24th St., SF, CA


* 5:30-7:30 Keynote Speaker Julia Serano at Adobe Books

**Comedy, Riot Grrls, Queers & Sk8 Punks Oh MY!**

Make it out to our last 2013 LadyFest event at El Rio for some laughs and jams!

El Rio
3158 Mission St., SF, CA
(between Powers Ave & Precita Ave)

8-9 Free raffle ticket giveaway


9-9:30 Feminist Tendencies. They each get a 7 minute set (4 comedians).
9:30-9:40 Sandra Risser- 10 min.
9:40-9:50 Jessica Sele- 10 min.
9:50-10:05 Dhaya 15 min.
10:05-10:25 Femikaze (Sketch Comedy) 20min.

Followed by Music

10:30- 10:50 FacePlant
10:50 *Raffle*
11:00-11:25 Lunchbox
11:30-12:00 No Bone

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