Schedule of Events


All events: 0-$20 sliding scale

All proceeds to benefit Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic (Oakland) and St. James Infirmary (SF).
Be generous! xo

<><>THURSDAY 12TH<><>
Start off LadyFest with a night of films!!

Oddball Cinema
275 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA

Oddball Cinema and Ladyfest present the program Settle Down and Image This a tongue-in-cheek look at conduct “unbecoming a lady” and the roles that women have been conditioned against for centuries. Selections include Lipstick and Dynamite featuring a lady’s wrestling match and Black Panther Liberation School.

<><>FRIDAY 13TH<><>


It’s Friday the 13th and Ladyfest is gettin’ its freak on! This is the first music show of the festival and we’re kicking things off with a few bangs, a few whimpers, some melodious harmonies, soul, and a lot quirky queerness. Let’s get this party started!

355 12TH ST. @ Webster St.


Pitta of the Mind- The duo of Amar Chaudhary and Maw Shein Win, bring to you their interplanetary blend of music, poetry, costumes, and obsession with cats and colors.

Beast Nest- Multimedia performance

Ruby Mountain- radical queer awesomeness

Lizzie Karr Band- Lady Soul Luvvv

Thunder Thighs- Big voice-big heart-big lady                                

Rainbow Noir- noise punk with a gay agenda

Annah Anti-Palindrome- Optical Sound-Smith, writer, and Queer/Femme antagonist

<><>SATURDAY 14TH<><>
*FEST-O-RAMA: Workshops/Music/Vendors/Daytime Awesomeness* 

Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon not your thing? Then explore our vendors (details below- check out the zine table for teens! and skateboarding for girls!) or listen to poetry, live music, or just chill and make some new friends. It’s Saturday! Let’s get our Ladyfest on! This event from noon-5 pm in Oakland is gonna be a freakin’ fun fest for young and old alike. We’ve got AMAZING workshops going on (details below).  At Ladyfest there is something for everyone.

The Humanist Hall
390  27th Street,  Oakland,  CA
Doors @ 11am

Check this out:

12-1:15 KIDS LIBERATION WORKSHOP: Strategies for allies and caretakers- This roundtable discussion will explore the ways we can parent in feminist, sex-positive, anti-authoritarian ways. How do we talk with kids about race, class, gender, ability, age, consent, capitalist consumer culture? How do we model critical thinking, resistance to gendered parent roles and traditional family structures? How do strategies of liberation look different with babies, young children, and teens? And how can childfree people be effective allies to parents and caretakers?

1:15-1:25 Poetry reading by Phoenix. A piece commissioned for the 2012 SF Walk Against Rape.

1:25-1:45 Brinicle: Icy Finger of Death- Solo, experimental ambient viola performance.

1:45-3 LADY SHRED SESSION by SF Skate Like a Girl: Skate Like a Girl SF is an all volunteer run organization that aims to empower girls and women through skateboarding. We are all-inclusive, all ages and abilities community. We seek to combat social injustice and oppression through connecting with each other, the communities we live in, and the world at large! Throughout the year we host monthly skate dates, free skateboard clinics, participate in community events (ex:Walk Against Rape SF), and participate in skate events local and beyond. In opposition to the male-dominated culture of skateboarding, our goal is create a supportive and inclusive environment where participants feel comfortable to try something new, meet friends and join a community of like-minded skaters.

3-3:30 Dorian Finch: Synth/Dream/Folk music

3:30-4:45 WOMEN AND CYCLING by Grease Mamas: Grease Mamas is a safe space workshop for women, womyn and womyn identified persons to come learn about bikes. The workshop covers topics surrounding how and where to lock your bike, laws, how to ride comfortably (bike fitting, clothes), issues women can face while cycling and basic mechanics. Binx Garage holds monthly mechanics and informational workshops at Spokeland Bike Co-Op, has participated in Bici Bici Bike Collective Conference with the Women of Color and Families in Cycling workshop and is holding a Grease Mamas workshop at Oaklavia.


Southpaw Polymer

Brilliant Bedazzles

Moco Gallery

Fustercluck Zine

How Are Your Insides? (feminist, self-care, & poetry zines)

Zines for Teens by the Oakland Public Libary 0-$20 sliding scale.


371 17th St, Oakland, CA
(between Webster St & Franklin St)

*ElectroGrrr! UpDaFemmePunx! QuEeRiOt! *

Leave the flipflops at home ’cause the Saturday night of Ladyfest is gonna be thrashin. PUNK NOIZE SPAZ HARDCORE GOTH. It’s on.

Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut
671 24th St. Oakland, CA


San Cha featuring Daddies Plastik

Nihilist Cunt

New Happiness


Moira Scar



<><>SUNDAY 15TH<><>
Come out to San Francisco!

Workshops at Modern Times Books
2919 24th St., SF, CA

noon-1:15 BURLESQUE FIGURE DRAWING:  Bring those sketchpad, pencils, charcoal; whatever gets your creative juices flowing! One of SF’s leading burlesque performers, Dottie Lux, will be posing live for this figure drawing time. Not a workshop, no instruction, just an opportunity for artists to draw, hang-out, and have a live, curvy, queer model to inspire! Some supplies on hand, but bring your own too!
1:30-2:45 ORIGINAL FILMS FROM THE BAY & BEYOND: Amazing queer/feminist/creative short films submitted by folks from the Bay Area and beyond. All works are original and some are making their debut at Ladyfest.

3-4:15 WOMEN IN COMICS: HERSTORY AND NOW: Starting with a history of women in comics, both characters and creators, followed by a discussion on the comic industry, misogyny, cosplay, queerness in comics, ableism, transphobia and a whole lot more. Led by an art major based out of San Francisco. She’s written for various school newspapers and has worked with the Slingshot collective covering cartoonists and zines!

Workshops at Adobe Books
3130 24th St., SF, CA

12:45-2 RESPONSIBLE QUEER CURATIONWhat does it mean to be a socially aware & artistically diverse curator? Whether you are curating an art show or a performance program, how do you grow yourself and your organization as diverse so that you can curate great programs? Pamela Peniston from Queer Cultural Center discusses the philosophies and practices of curation that have guided her work.

Pamela S. Peniston served initially as Queer Cultural Centers Executive Director and most recently Artistic Director and as such, she has lead curated 16 National Queer Arts Festivals, commissioned more than 120 individual artists to create new work, presented more than 2000 artists in the Festival and other events and worked with our fiscal sponsorship & commissioning program, Creating Queer Community.

2:15-3:30 MIGRATION ON THE PAGE: WRITING BETWEEN LANGUAGES: In this workshop, we will look at writings by Gloria Anzaldúa and other immigrant and diaspora writers who move between languages in their work. We will have a chance to reflect upon the relationships between ourselves, our bodies, our mother tongue(s), and our societies. Multilingual writing can be an extremely liberating and truthful way to tell our stories, and also a powerful way to subvert cultural policing of languge and identity. In the workshop, we will also have an opportunity to write individually and share our work. Led by Amirah Mizrahi.

3:45-5 FEMINIST FREQUENCIES: BASICS OF LIVE SOUND: This is a brief introduction to the basics of sound engineering exclusively for those who identify as womyn and queers. By the end of this workshop, you should be able to set up a PA (Portable Audio) System, understand the nuances of graphic and standard equalization, feedback, compressors and other effects, live mixing, and troubleshoot the weirdest of problems. If people are interested, we will learn some basic live and studio recording techniques. Materials: Notebook, writing thing, ears or listening device. Led by Sharmi Basu.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: JULIA SERANO AT ADOBE BOOKS on Sunday, 9/15. 5:30-7:30 at Adobe Books.

Julia Serano is an Oakland, California-based writer, performer, and activist. She is best known for her 2007 book Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, which garnered rave reviews—The Advocate placed it on their list of “Best Non-Fiction Transgender Books,” and readers of Ms. Magazine ranked it #16 on their list of the “100 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time.” Her other writings have appeared in anthologies (including Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation and Word Warriors: 30 Leaders in the Women’s Spoken Word Movement) and in feminist, queer, pop culture and literary magazines and websites such as Bitch Magazine,, Out, Ms. Magazine blog,, and make/shift. Julia’s second full-length book, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, will be published by Seal Press in October, 2013.

Julia’s talk, “Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive,” will discuss the some of the major themes from her forthcoming book: While feminist and queer/LGBTQIA+ movements are designed to challenge sexism, they often simultaneously police gender and sexuality within their own ranks— sometimes just as fiercely as the straight-male-centric mainstream does. This inevitably results in far smaller movements with far more narrow and distorted agendas. Here, Julia Serano will forward a more holistic approach to fighting sexism that avoids these pitfalls, and offers new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, sexism, and marginalization that foster inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Specifically, she makes the case that, rather than only addressing one or a few specific forms of sexism at a time (which results in some people’s identities and experiences being erased), we should recognize that there are myriad double standards. Julia offers new strategies to challenge all double standards, rather than merely those that we personally experience or are already familiar with. She also explains how double standards arise and how they are used to invalidate other people in a more general sense. This is crucial, because if we can learn to recognize the hallmarks shared by all forms of sexism and marginalization, we can better avoid delegitimizing and excluding others.


El Rio
3158 Mission St., SF, CA
(between Powers Ave & Precita Ave)
Doors at 8PM. Come before 9 and get a free raffle ticket!

Feminist Tendencies: Feminist Tendencies represent women’s diverse voices in comedy.  It is the creation of comedians Karinda Dobbins, Nina G, Kelly Annekan, and Queenie TT. Feminist Tendencies celebrates the various aspects of female identity.  All the comedians involved act as vehicles of social change through their humor.

Sandra Risser: Sandra Risser is a quick witted, vibrant comic. She grabs the audience with her first sentence and keeps them laughing throughout her set. Young and old alike are captivated by her unorthodox and irreverent look at growing up in Iowa and surviving the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll culture of the 60’s & 70’s.

Jessica Sele: Oakland based comic Jessica Sele got her comedy start in the town of Bellingham, Washington. There she hosted many community events, performed a one woman variety act for Ladyfest Bellingham, produced shows featuring acts like Hari Kondabolu, toured the west coast with a feminist variety act named“The Hott Mess Shit Show” and won  1st place in Western Washington University’s “Last Comic Standing” in fall 2010 (no affiliation with the NBC television series of the same name). She has since performed at venues such as the Seattle Comedy Underground and alongside acts such as the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Ryan Stiles and Marga Gomez. From topics like failed attempts at love, masturbation, and the end of time, Jessica’s comedy is hysterical, incisive, hella queer, and deeply weird.

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan:  Dhaya is a stand-up comic, storyteller, and TV host. She is a favorite at festivals like the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (2013), SF Sketchfest (2013, 2012), the Boston Comedy Festival (2012 semifinalist), and the Women in Comedy Festival (2013). She is the Grand Prize Winner of Comedy Central Asia’s “Ultimate Comedy Challenge” (2013). She is a frequent storyteller on NPR’s “Snap Judgment,” has appeared on PBS’s KQED, and hosted the Emmy-award winning television series “High School Quiz Show” on PBS’s WGBH.

Femikaze: The world’s only feminist sketch comedy nonprofit — with a goal of inclusion and education — Femikaze fits in beautifully with Ladyfest.  From their mission statement: “Femikaze strives to create opportunities in comedy for ladies of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and orientations.”  Furthermore, we strive to use comedy to approach and discuss challenging social topics from perspectives which have typically gone unheard — the only criteria is that the perspectives come from self-identified women.  We make people laugh, we make people think, we use hilarity to provoke.

Followed by Music

10:30- 10:50 FacePlant

10:50 Raffle!

11:00-11:25 LunchBox
11:30-12:00 No Bone


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